The Need for Objective Readers: Writing Partners

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Many times, I don’t see what’s missing from my scenes or story.  In memoir, the writer has lived through these adventures, and in most cases, can still experience these emotions.  So while I know exactly what’s going on in the scene, the reader may not.  Telling details may be missing from the manuscript.  This is where objective readers come in, a crucial part of any writing project.
            More specifics and reasons for emotions are two difficulties that I have in memoir writing.  But even in story writing, these are important issues.  The reader needs to know enough detail and reasoning to keep the story believable.  We don’t want the reader to leave the writer’s real past world of the narrator in memoir or make-believe world in fiction.
            Another important factor in memoir as in fiction is to keep the protagonist genuine for the reader to stay connected to him or her.  Yes, the protagonist needs to grow and develop throughout the manuscript, but his or her core beliefs or wit or in my case, her family-oriented lifestyle needs to show through in each chapter.
            In memoir as well as in fiction, this leads to a balance between scene and insight.  Scenes keep the story moving forward.  Insight helps the reader to know reasons for actions and emotion.  And objective readers can assist a writer in seeing any tip in the balance of the scale.  What do you think of this balance between scene and insight?
            Are you lucky enough to have a good writing/reading partner?  It’s important to have someone you trust, someone who understands your work or your genre. I have one and am truly blessed to have her input for my manuscript.
           It’s the halfway mark in my Write Your Memoir in Six Months course.  While I only wrote a little over 11,700 words for March due to family and work obligations, I have about 36,350 words altogether for the first eight chapters.  Thanks for your continued support.

10 thoughts on “The Need for Objective Readers: Writing Partners”

  1. Great post, Victoria! I have one writing partner who helps me to see things I can't see because I'm too close to the manuscript. Good luck on writing your memoir! I'm nearly finished writing my fifth novel (148,000 words!) Besides a writing partner, I also have a bevy of proofreaders who help find typos!

  2. Great post and how true the words. I'm lucky to have someone check for typos and a writer friend who does structual edits. Thank goodness for friends. I can't wait until we get to have coffee together.

  3. Congratulations for keeping up with your word count–it is very impressive indeed. And yes, we all need accountability and support in this long journey to a finished first draft of our memoir. I know you will get there because you always do! Linda Joy

  4. Thank you so much, everyone, for visiting my Adventures in Writing blog.

    Congratulations, Ellen, on a fifth novel. I hope it is another award-winner.

    Marie, I can't wait to get together for tea, too.

    Linda Joy, thank you so much for all your encouragement and assistance with my memoir.

    Michelle, I would be happy to have you read the memoir when it is finished. Thank you for your kind words.

    Writing partners, proofreaders, and friends are priceless to any writer. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. Please stop by my Adventures in Writing blog again.

  5. I have a different mix of people for each manuscript. Some overlap manuscripts, but each time I find one or two new people. I could never do it without them. They see what I can't. I value people who take the time to read and comment on my work.

  6. Lucky you, Theresa, to have so many helpful readers. Do you post your manuscripts on work sites to have them read or do you have different genre specific readers for each manuscript?

    You are correct in saying that writers could never do without readers. A fresh pair of eyes is invaluable to any writer.

    Thank you so much, Theresa, for reading my blog post. Please stop by again.

  7. I definitely agree with that, Lynda. More than one opinion is crucial to continue writing as one person may not like your particular writing style and while you're trying to change everything another comes along and likes your original style. The more eyes the better to see if more than one person finds the same flaws that may need addressing in your writing.

    Thank you, Theresa. I've been writing every chance I get. I've 3 more chapters according to my outline in the memoir and about two months to accomplish them. But I don’t know how to end the memoir…yet. Wish me luck!

    Thank you both, Lynda and Theresa, for visiting my blog and leaving comments. It is truly appreciated.


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