Workshop Events

Published fiction, non-fiction, and memoir writer and poet Victoria Marie Lees has offered writing workshops at local assisted living facilities, libraries, teen writers’ groups, as well as adult writing groups and at Writers’ Conferences.

Offering prompts and nature to spark creativity

You can reach out to Victoria Marie by email at or through the form on her contact page for more information or to schedule a workshop.

Victoria Marie facilitates hour-long, personalized workshops for beginner through intermediate writers. Zoom meetings are available as are in-person meetings for the Pocono area of Pennsylvania.

Leading a discussion on Short Story

Fiction and Memoir Topics include:

Characterization, plot techniques, dialogue, scenes, backstory

Poetry Topics include:

Imagery, figures of speech, meter and rhyme, types of poetry.

Non-Fiction Topics include:

What’s your point/What are you trying to prove with your writing? Journalists and creative non-fiction writers need to state their points concretely and clearly. Word Choice, Word Order, and Word Placement Matter.

Victoria Marie Lees has been invited to participate in the Haaf Family Arts Foundation’s one-day Writers’ Conference at the St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church located at 158 Warren Street in Beverly, NJ, 08010. For more information, go to the Haaf Family Arts Foundation’s website.

Admission is $20, but lunch is included. Here are the details:

Saturday, June 15, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The schedule:

9:00 coffee and seating
9:30 Opening and intros
9:40 Poetry and Q and A  [Anna M. Evans]
10:30  Break
10:40 Non-Fiction and Q and A  [Victoria Marie Lees]
11:30 Break and lunch
12:30 Fiction and Q and A  [Trish Rodriguez]
1:20 Break
1:30 Editors and Q and A  [Beverly T. Haaf and Dina Leacock]
2:30 General Q and A and meet the speakers
3:00 over

Thank you to Jim Knipp and Dina Leacock for inviting me to present at this conference. Hope to see you there!