A December in Covid Country

            We’re getting a little tired of quarantine and the coronavirus. How about you? Make no mistake. This is a frightening time for sure. My family and I keep praying that it will end soon, before we go crazy being stuck inside another winter. Now it seems, the politicians in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are trying to shut down parks and hiking trails because of the increase of coronavirus cases in our area. There are so many restrictions to parks and trails, my family have stopped trying to seek fresh air and solitude in nature. We’ll occasionally take a walk in our neighborhood, but only when no one else seems to be around. 

            We all know to keep our social distance from each other, except for our immediate family living with us. Wear facial masks when out in public and maintain a distance of six feet. Sanitize our home and cars and wash our hands constantly. And most importantly, believe that this threat is real. We believe! 

            So we needed to find things to keep us occupied at home. Here are a few suggestions you might like to try, depending upon the ages of your children. 

            Aside from watching DVD’s and television movies and programs, we reinstituted our “Family Nights.”  

Some board game fun!

            These are gatherings of just the family playing board games.

            We make favorite comfort foods together.

            We create charade topics and try to guess what the person is doing.

            We tell stories that don’t need to make sense; each member of the family providing the next piece of the plot.

            We also create situations and pretend we are actors—or comics, as my son tells me—and create a scene for the enjoyment of the rest of the family.

            We sing songs together. Okay, so maybe they aren’t always on key—even though we have a piano.  

            We recall family camping trips and experiences we enjoyed together while we sit around the fireplace in our family room. Sometimes we roast hot dogs and marshmallows, if we can find any at the store.

            The kids, as they got older, like to play hide-and-seek in the dark with flashlights. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to limit it to one floor of your home or only a few rooms; like the living room, kitchen, and dining room. The object is to give the seeker a bright flashlight to find everyone.

            Our children had some great places to hide; tucked in the corner by the microwave on the countertop; moving the floor lamp and placing the lamp shade on their heads; hiding under the cushions on the couches. 

Human coat rack

            When we absolutely must go outside, besides picking up groceries, we would walk down the street by ourselves and watch the sunset over an open field, finding peace in this crazy world. It takes some creativity, but a family can find “things to do” during quarantine. Why not try some of these suggestions. Remember, nothing needs to make sense. Not in today’s world. 

Peace at the end of day

            Many professional people and entertainers have become so creative and generous during this time. Some evenings, we just like to watch the funny videos the children have found online. One of my favorites is “The Opera Guy” video series. You’ll see why if you follow the link. What a beautiful voice!  

            Thanks for reading here at Camping with Five Kids! Please share some things you are doing to stay safe and entertain your family during quarantine. Be safe this holiday season. Let’s hope we all have a better—and healthier!—2021. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

2 thoughts on “A December in Covid Country”

  1. It has been a long time since my family spent time together, what with I phones and video games, we seem to have drifted apart. First off I found that I had forgotten how to make a proper fire in the fire place. But, that broke the ice, with all the jokes and suggestions I got from the kids. As we started to try some of the old games and things we started to interact with each other as a family again.

  2. That is wonderful, Bill! And funny! It doesn't matter how you interact with the family, so long as you do notice each other. We need to get our children to look up from their devices to see what is happening around them. Oh, and teasing is good. It means that the kids notice what you are doing. Even if you can’t remember how to start the dang fire!

    Thanks so much for your comment here at Camping with Five Kids. It is greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas, sir! And let's hope for a healthier, happier 2021 for all!


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