Finding Engagement: Do you follow back your readers on BookBub or just other authors?

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Happy New Year, fellow Insecure Writers! I hope your 2024 is filled with publication and success.

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The question is about finding engagement. While I’m not on BookBub, I’ll attack this question as if we are talking about Goodreads or Facebook or Instagram groups. If you are lucky enough to have readers follow you on social media, by all means follow them back. They are interested in you, in what you do, and in what you share.

Now, I can’t claim to know about BookBub as I have no published books, so I’ll be reading your posts to learn more. But it’s my understanding that BookBub is all about readers and authors and finding engagement between the groups.

I thought one of our jobs as writers was to find our audience online and engage them in conversation to help them become interested in what we publish. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The holiday season kept me busy. So I’m just now getting back to my final readthrough of my college memoir. I’m on chapter 20. Slow progress is better than no progress.

But as I read the manuscript, I come to realize that, among other things, attending college helped me to see myself as someone who can succeed at whatever I put my mind to. Of course, I do need to remind myself of this. Frequently. Especially as I try to understand the self-publishing landscape for this memoir.

Please feel free to offer any comment on this insight into my memoir. Or any insight into self-publishing in general. Thanks for the input.

I’m extremely thankful for all of you for being my sounding board and advisors on this scary writing and publishing journey.

Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the web. Please come again!

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14 thoughts on “Finding Engagement: Do you follow back your readers on BookBub or just other authors?”

  1. I’m with you that slow progress is better than no progress. It sounds like you’re realizing good things about yourself from reading your memoir, which hopefully readers will resonate with too.

  2. Another bonus of connecting online –
    Not sharing all the latest bugs.. !
    Today, I’m thinking about the fictional possibilities of the latest UK strike.. The doctors again, longest strike ever – six days.

    Which century will work best ? How afraid should we be ?

    • Hindsight is the only way to see, Esther. Thanks for sharing your insight here at Adventures in Writing. Have a great 2024!

  3. Mutual engagement online is tricky, because it takes lots of time. I guess that’s why I’m not really active on any social media. Perhaps I should be if I want to find success as a writer.

    • I have the same problem about being “active” on social media Olga. I either write or do social media. And you need to create interesting posts for social media, too. *Sigh* Perhaps this is why I don’t have many followers. Time. It’s all about time–management. I need to get better at this if I wish to be a successful writer.

      All best to you in 2024!

    • Thank you so much for this, Diane! I will definitely keep you in mind.

      Confidence with self-publishing? Oh, I don’t know. It will take time. Just as it took time for me to build up my confidence attending college as an older student.

      Thank you for allowing me to bring my self-publishing questions to you. This is appreciated more than you realize. Have a beautiful 2024!


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