Christmas in July

            I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends. And may your 2019 be full of health and happiness.
My Christmas was indeed filled with family and friends. We are truly blessed! While we were enjoying many tasty homemade treats, the children asked for a camping story from our many adventures. As I thought about which one to tell, my eye caught the Santa doll by our tree.  The interesting things about family camping are the surprises you find along the way, if not on the trail, then at camp.
Christmastime at our home

It was July, our usual camping time, and we were visiting the Appalachian Trail and some New Jersey State Parks and forests
The children were younger on this particular trip. And when we came back from a short hike, whom did we find at camp? Santa Claus. He wore shorts and a white t-shirt with his boots and Santa hat. The children’s eyes were taller than the trees. They searched for his sleigh. But he explained that he uses his hay wagon in summer. Suddenly, the children became wary. They peppered him with questions. [They are definitely MY children!]
“Why are you using horses to pull the wagon instead of your reindeer?” Our son asked.
“Well you see,” Santa explained. “My reindeer think it’s too hot to come so far south.”
Okay, so the children thought about this.
“Can your wagon fly through the air, too?” Our oldest daughter asked.
 “Well actually,” Santa began, “only my reindeer can fly. And since they refused to come along on this trip, the wagon is grounded.”
Our children became quiet, an unusual state for them. Santa still had helpers all around him. There was even a Christmas tree under the pavilion at camp.
One of the twins visits Santa

My children weren’t the only ones at camp who had questions. Another young camper asked how Santa got here if the wagon didn’t fly. Santa explained that he needed to fly the traditional way, by airplane to New Jersey for this trip. But he did bring along a few small gifts for those who were good so far this year. All the children quickly lined up!
Our son visits with Santa

After Santa visited with the children, he asked if anyone wanted a ride in his summer “Santa” wagon. Suddenly, children of all ages believed and climbed into the wagon for a trip around the campground. It was a great way to end a summer visit from Santa.
Everyone climb in!
Riding in Santa’s summer hay wagon around camp. 
Have you ever visited with Santa at a time other than at Christmas? Please share your experience here at Camping with Five Kids. It would truly be appreciated. May your New Year be full of adventure!

10 thoughts on “Christmas in July”

  1. You mean now? They are in their 20's. Camping with the family is the best thing we've done for them. It’s always a pleasure seeing you here. Thanks again for your comment at Camping with Five Kids.

    I hope you have a healthy and happy 2019.

  2. Reindeer rides, Michelle? Real reindeer or animals disguised? I bet the kids liked that. We just had horses. Thanks so much for your note here at Camping with Five Kids. It is truly appreciated. May you have a healthy 2019, Michelle, full of many adventures.

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