Family Camping in Spring
Spring is cooler. Dress in layers. Enjoy!

Spring is a perfect time to try out camping with the family.  The earth is awakening.  The days begin to grow; blossoms escape from fuzzy pods; leaves begin to unfurl, and the bugs are not out en masse …yet!  And neither are the campers. 

Campgrounds and national and state parks aren’t quite as crowded as in summer months.  It’s a perfect time for a weekend or extended weekend trip to try out handling the camping gear and allow the kids to see if they like camping.  
Just remember it’s a bit of work to camp with a family.  Please feel free to read other posts here at Camping with Kids to understand.  Don’t let one occasion of bad weather or someone not feeling a hundred percent end a lifetime of fun camping experiences.  It may take time to get the whole family into camping.   
The important thing to remember when camping in spring is to dress in layers.  The weather is highly changeable and depending upon where you camp, rain is a greater possibility than in the summer.    
Temperatures are pleasant during the day, but drop at night.  Bring extra blankets and warm sleeping attire if not using down-filled mummy or other types of sleeping bags.  Depending upon the unit you are using to camp with the family, i.e. a pop-up trailer, you may be able to use a small electric space heater if the campground offers electric hook-up.  If you do, make sure the small heater is on a level surface free from any clutter.  Heaters need plenty of space around them.  Never use any type of heater in a canvas tent.  It’s much too dangerous. 
            Store foods safely in sealed containers to stop any smell from calling to animals.  Wild animals are awake and hungry.  
With the right planning, spring is the best time to try out camping with the family.  Which season do you like to camp in?  If you have any camping tips, please share them here.

10 thoughts on “Family Camping in Spring”

  1. Boil all water. Cook thoroughly all meat, and don't keep leftovers. Anything sitting out in the heat of the day, throw out. Aside from that, I'm sure everyone will enjoy your cooking. Everything tastes better when someone else prepares it…especially in nature where cooking takes longer. Thanks, Marie, for visiting my Camping with Kids blog and leaving a comment. It's always appreciated.

  2. Now, Lynda, it all depends upon the trees. I love camping among the deciduous trees in the fall. I love crunching through the leaves. My feet become heavier somehow. The colors surround me. And I love the cooler temperatures. Just like in spring, fall is a good time to try camping with kids. Thank you so much for visiting my Camping with Kids blog, Lynda, and leaving a comment. It is greatly appreciated.

  3. This is so true, Bill. It's the hope that spring brings for fun and adventure and warmth. It makes people want to try something new, like camping with the family. Thanks so much for visiting my Camping with Kids blog and leaving a comment. It is greatly appreciated.

  4. Thank you so much, David, for your kind words. And thanks for you note on Camping with Kids. As you can see, I always try to share useful information to help others who may want to go camping with kids or enjoy the outdoors. All the best to you, sir.


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