Connecting with Family: Leaving the World Behind to Camp with Family

Thinking of charade behind the bed curtain

Why do you go on a family vacation?  For us, it’s a chance to place the world on hold and totally enjoy being with the family.  To learn from each other; to listen to each other. 

            With no television, computers, or cell phone use most times, we become our own entertainment when camping.  Aside from campfires, and storytelling, we played charades in the camper at night, adding just one rule.  The charade must deal with our present camping trip or a previous trip.  This could get quite comical, with the children on one wavelength and we parents on another.
            The six of us crowded around the larger dinette table in the cooled-by-a-fan pop-up trailer to watch our son, whose turn it was to be first according to our charades schedule, pace back and forth in the tiny space in front of the smaller pull-out bunk.  Sometimes the children use the bunk to perform on their knees the actions necessary for us to “understand” the clues and guess the charade.   


Suddenly our son stopped pacing.  He grabbed his throat, hopping up into the bunk, and thrashed about in the bed.  Then he lay very still.


My husband and I stared at each other in disbelief.  How could this have something to do with our family camping trips?
The night was warm.  A cacophony of insect noises could be heard from outside.  The fan hummed, oscillating inside the camper.


The girls looked at each other for only a moment and then shouted in unison, “Peanut butter and jelly sandwich!”


The boy sprang from the bed and pointed at them.  “That’s right!”


My husband and I exchanged glances.  Okay, so maybe the children were a bit tired of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the trail, but they were healthy and the only things the children would eat.  They didn’t like granola bars or trail mix or nuts and they needed energy to hike.  We sighed and tried to brainstorm a different healthy, mid-day meal.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated by the troops. 
We try to leave all work and outside “connections” at home when we camp with the family.  It’s important to leave the rush-rush of daily life behind when vacationing, even if it’s only for a few days.   On “Good Nature” the blog about natural habitat adventures, Candice Gaukel Andrews questions the need for internet service at National Parks.   How important is it for you to stay connected during your vacation?

6 thoughts on “Connecting with Family: Leaving the World Behind to Camp with Family”

  1. You seem to be able to easily find ways of keeping your children entertained Victoria Marie, which is important on long trips.

    When I take my grandson on a hiking trip, he is fond of chocolate bars and is constantly drinking water. This is a good thing which keeps him hydrated, unlike myself – I only drink when feeling thirsty.

    As for having an internet connection while on vacation, well if I am on holiday with my wife, then yes I do like to have a connection. If it's a hiking trip then I don't feel the need to keep up with emails etc.


  2. Thank you so much, Bill, for visiting my Camping with Kids blog.

    With five children, I need to be one step ahead of them, especially when camping in a tiny trailer for a few weeks. I and a few of my daughters are like your grandson. We love chocolate bars and use them to make S'mores; a toasted marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate sandwich cookie type dessert. As for water, you can never have enough when hiking. Keeping hydrated is essential.

    True, it depends on the type of vacation as to whether or not internet is important, but a lot of our National Parks are concerned enough to try and have the service available to visitors.

    Thanks again, Bill, for reading my blog post. Please stop by again.

  3. Your son is hilarious. His charade reminds me of the movie 'It Takes Two.' I think it is great that you can all have that much fun without technology. I wish kids could still have fun without technology.

  4. All our children make my husband and I laugh. They seem to be on their own personal wavelength and understand each other completely. Come to think of it, I think the children have shown me that movie "It Takes Two." It's with the Olsen twins, right?

    Thank you so much, Michelle, for visiting my Camping with Kids blog. Please stop by again.

  5. I love your camp stories!!I want to come on the next one with you and your family. Do the kids like hummus? If this doesn't work, I'll look up the list of protein foods that the Zombie Squad recommends for a bug out (a term used when you need to leave your home and run away from zombies or unwanted relatives).

  6. Thank you, Marie. It would have been wonderful to have had an extra set of hands camping with the children.

    Hummus? I'll have to try it. The children need protein when hiking and camping. We could try hummus on crackers or bread. I'll try anything. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Now the zombie stuff my children would understand, not me. You are funny, Marie. Thanks so much for visiting my Camping with Kids blog. Please stop by again.


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