Learning Illuminates Life

Changed my mind.  I don’t want to go to school.

Life itself is a journey.  Recording life’s adventures is different from writing about them. 

I’ve been recording my family’s adventures for years.  Now I wish to write about myjourney.  This is memoir.  This is what I hope to learn.   

            I think we all learn something new each day.  I know I do.  Whether I substitute teach in grammar school or high school, I’m learning how to control each mix of students, how Mrs. Jones performs the daily tasks, or how to present geometry word problems to the class.  Life is a learning journey.
I’ve been writing about my adventures in substitute teaching where I have to ad lib intelligence in all disciplines.  It’s like being on stage without a script.  I still expect to share a few humorous anecdotes while substituting, but I’d like to share my education journey through college as a non-traditional student—as a Mom with five children in tow. 
I’d also like to share my experiences in learning how to write memoir using these college adventures as the foundation for a book.  I’m signed up for a course, “Write Your Memoir in Six Months.”  It begins in January.  And I’m just as scared as I was when I began college as a non-traditional student.  My twins, my babies, were in second grade at that time, my son was in fifth grade, another daughter was in seventh and my oldest, who has learning disabilities, was in eighth. 
Come; join me on my journey into writing memoir.  Please offer your advice and support.  Pray I have the courage to complete the task in front of me.  Thanks for stopping by my new Adventures in Writing blog.  Please stop by again.  ~ Victoria Marie Lees

4 thoughts on “Learning Illuminates Life”

  1. Thank you,Theresa. One thing I learned right off is that each story or anecdote needs to have a reason to be in the memoir.

    I sure hope I can pull this off. I'm more frightened than I was facing an Ivy League education. Yikes!

    Thanks for stopping by, Theresa. Please visit again.

  2. Thanks, Michelle. I need all the luck I can find just to be able to finish the darn memoir. It will certainly be an adventure to relive my experience of obtaining that most sought after bachelor's degree. I'll enjoy sharing my college adventures with everyone.

    Thanks again, for stopping by my Adventures in Writing blog.


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